18 definitions by Poopsy

An old 80's gameshow with reruns on TNN. An excellent source of mullets.
Dude! Did you see that white trash on Gladiators last night?! That mullet was HUGE!!!
by Poopsy July 8, 2003
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A man who loves sex alot and will do anything for sex!
"D00d! 1'11 t0t411y 5u><0r y012 c0ck f012 qu41273125!!1!
by Poopsy July 4, 2003
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Those fat bitches on Jerry Springer who have secret love affairs with their sister/brother/mother/father.
Jerry: Why do you sleep with your sister you TALK SHOW COW!?
Cow: I lover her Jerry! We're gonna adopt a baby together. *starts making out with sister*
by Poopsy July 6, 2003
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Recieved by all black men.
On his 15th birthday, little Jamal received a gunshot!
by Poopsy July 4, 2003
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