4 definitions by WhyIsAnythingAtAll

Gamers sweaty Palm is when you have sweat come out of your hands when you hold a controller and it can cause uncomfortably when gaming
Guy: Had a case of Gamers Sweaty Palm last night and my controller keeps slipping when I am trying to play Minecraft

Guy 2: Wow that sucks
by WhyIsAnythingAtAll December 26, 2019
It means that you are going to beat up someone, but since most people don't know the word people just think you're crazy.
You: Wat Dat Skat

Friend: Yo man no need to fight
by WhyIsAnythingAtAll December 2, 2019
Skididi Wat Dabat means to shoot someone with a car that looks like it just drove through a Mardi gra parade
Hey dude want to Skididi Wat Dabat
by WhyIsAnythingAtAll December 2, 2019
A person who hosts a show or they would generally sit down with a guest and talk with them and make jokes that aren't funny and do a couple skits to try to entertain the audience.
Do you know Jimmy Fallon the talk show host?
by WhyIsAnythingAtAll December 2, 2019