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a world populated by the Tau. Different septs yeild different castes.
The Tau sept world of Vior'la is famous for it's fire warriors.
by royland Douchebag November 12, 2003
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To nail somebody's woman for the purpose of revenge. A more aggressive version of the antique word "cuckold".

Often used derisively to describe a rebound relationship.
I'll sept you, bitch!
by Nim July 02, 2004
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Pronounced "set", this word is french canadian slang for a quarter ounce of marijuana. In french the word sept means seven, referencing the metric weight of a quarter ounce, seven grams. An eight of weed is referred to as a half sept, etc. People from montreal are familiar with this term, and if you ever buy weed in the province of quebec make sure to ask for a sept, not a quarter!
Drug dealer: what you need ?
Customer: gimme a sept of blue dream
Drug dealer: thats 50$ man

Person 1: dude how much did you smoke last night???
Person 2: so much, ive only got like a half sept left bro
by dankish September 07, 2016
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