Pronounced "set", this word is french canadian slang for a quarter ounce of marijuana. In french the word sept means seven, referencing the metric weight of a quarter ounce, seven grams. An eight of weed is referred to as a half sept, etc. People from montreal are familiar with this term, and if you ever buy weed in the province of quebec make sure to ask for a sept, not a quarter!
Drug dealer: what you need ?
Customer: gimme a sept of blue dream
Drug dealer: thats 50$ man

Person 1: dude how much did you smoke last night???
Person 2: so much, ive only got like a half sept left bro
by dankish September 7, 2016
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a world populated by the Tau. Different septs yeild different castes.
The Tau sept world of Vior'la is famous for it's fire warriors.
by royland Douchebag November 13, 2003
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To nail somebody's woman for the purpose of revenge. A more aggressive version of the antique word "cuckold".

Often used derisively to describe a rebound relationship.
I'll sept you, bitch!
by Nim July 2, 2004
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This is the day when the baddest bitches on earth was born, and this the day they gon steal yo man cuz they can have anybody they want and they will take yo man so watch out.
Oh btw these bitches have the best sex out here im talkin bout they go crazy asf. So get u wanna of these💦💦🤤 that was born on sept 1st
by Realset bitch out here October 16, 2019
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September 6, where u get to do whatever u want without people saying anything thing bad about you. A day where u let ur freak flags fly.
Girl - it’s Sept 6
Guy - annddd?
Girl - I’m skipping class without getting in trouble.

Girl - we can let our freak flags fly
by Ninabean2104 October 30, 2019
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a small town located in the middle of butt fuck no where (QC, Canada) with sexually confused teenagers and a Tim Hortans café
"Have you ever been to Sept-Îles before??"

"lol where?"
by princess_swallows February 9, 2016
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