dervived from the west african word "gombo" for okra; a stew comprised of the holy trinity in cajun/creole cooking (onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes) cajun spices, okra, bay leaves, and a variety of meats (sausage, chicken, and seafood) and served with rice.
Emeril frequently makes gumbo.
by traces April 28, 2007
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A dish that originated from the black people of the South-Eastern United States. It is a mixture of meat, okra, leafy vegetables, clili peppers, and whatever leftover food you have.
Are you sure that was the month-old pot roast you put in that gumbo because I swear I saw something swimming in my bowl when I stuck my spoon in?
by AYB April 3, 2003
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Litterally the best food in existance.
Cajun style food is better than most people think
by iumium January 10, 2022
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a blood gang term for a group of crips. It comes about because crab meat and crab legs are used in most gumbo pots.
Grab your heater here comes a grip of gumbo.
by malice mam July 30, 2003
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A type of hallucinagetic, legal drug, that makes you hallucinate. Doctors give it to you when you are so depressed you can't deal with reality. It does nothing to your nervous system besides make you hallucinate. The effect lasts for about half an hour.
That Gumbo made me see pink elephants on the ceiling! It was hilarious!
by Ben Winkleshits August 30, 2005
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the origin of a stench of biblical proportions coming out of the patch of strongbad's couch -- and coach z's terrible secret.
Strongbad had me over for gumbo one night...
by dodo November 23, 2003
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