The indigenous people who inhabited the Bahamas and the Greater Antilles islands like Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, and Jamaica before Christopher Columbus and his crew ever set foot there. When they did, there were five large Taino territories. The Tainos were almost destroyed by the 18th century (from introduced diseases, and forced assimilation into the plantation economy that Spain imposed, with subsequent importation of African slaves. Also, the Spanish did not bring women with them, so many took Taino wives, and had metizo children.)
But this doesn't mean there aren't any Tainos left. There are. Most are mixed with Black and European (mostly Spanish) ancestry, but only a handful of full blooded Tainos live on.
"Taino" originally means "friendly people" in the Arawakan language.
by *Gurl-w-Curls* October 19, 2006
Taino- Once a peaceful tribe in the Carribean, mainly in Puerto Rico enslaved by the Spanish and French. It took less time for them to die than the African slaves because their rescources were either hanging right about them, or right under their noses so didnt have to work, therefore not being used to the harmful working conditions. They all died or were forced to marry Spanish and French men.

The Tainos were usually nudists, but covered with paint. They welcomed early visitors before they were enslaved in the 1200s, because those vistors came in peace- The Scandanavians and the British were beleived to have visited the Tainos. Taino culture is in the blood of all proud Puerto Ricans to this day.
Taino: who are those in their large ships?
Taino #2: Maybe they are more visitors coming in peace from the East.
Conquistador: Mira los Indios alli, que acemos con ello?
Conquistador #2: Vamos a esclavizar lo para nuestra colonia!
by PepitoElRojoMan May 30, 2011
I told a knock-knock joke about vegetarians, but she totally Taino'd out at me.
by Zehn September 25, 2003
Dumbshit guildleader of Legend of the Joke.
Taino loves to eat dick.
by Kinuvan September 28, 2003
To take nude photos.
Dude, thats sick! Dont Taino that sheep.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
A person who has 10-20% of Taino in their blood and think of themselves as Taino, as if they even still existed.
Person 1: Omg I got my 23&ME test and I found out that I'm actually 13% taino!

Person 2: Haha Awesome!
Person 1: Yeah! So I say that I'm mixed now! No more mr.white guy :)
by JessStar245 August 21, 2020
My nigga taino too geeked for these mfs!
by Ty5ive November 22, 2021