short for a thunderstorm.
a shorter way to write 'thunderstorm.'
but NEVER pronounce it this way.
"It said it was supposed to t-storm," Chrissy said. "So it's surprising that it's so nice outside."
by tina grace August 10, 2008
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a thunderstorm.
you should never say it this way.
but you may write it that way.
if your name isn't chrissy, you probably already know that.
"i heard it was supposed to t-storm tonight, so the carnival might be canceled."

"it said it was going to t-storm. that's why there's lightening."

by tina grace. August 5, 2008
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a passionate downpour of rain, with scattered BANGS! of thunder..
Scintilla: Whoratiam, don't forget your t-storm repellent rainboots! There are going to be some scattered t-storms throughout the day!

Whoratiam: Thanks, Scintillae! I'm going to meet Marcus ad forum. Don't worry, I'll remember to wear my extra special boots so that the t-storm doesn't get my toga all wet!
by blackwhiterose April 3, 2009
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multiple t-baggers targeting one sad, poor indivdual.
It's going to take 8 yards of floss to get all the hair out of his teeth from that horrible t storm
by Dr. Balkebartacomoosee July 28, 2008
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Post clapping dat ass, for finishing move follow suit:

1.) Any safe room that one would inhabit during a severe storm. ( basement, cellar, or bathroom)

2.) 3 to 4 drum fans blowing on max set up in cyclical patterns to create optimal vortex.

3.) Postion self in front of one of the drum fans, place partner in vortex opposite of you.

4.) Bust that nut into fan vortex and watch it fly. Thus performing the NASTY T-STORM

5.) Recipeint should be fully doused in ejaculate as if they just got caught I'm a t storm of cum.


PS- invite the boys over to increase the storm load.
Mark took Cathy home for a night she would never forget. The night she experienced the Nasty T-Storm

Condition are perfect for a Nasty T-Storm
by The storm of nasty April 19, 2019
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