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A song by ridiculously good band Muse off 2nd album Origin of Symmetry. The song is pretty awesome, and really fucking fun to jump around to, whatever mood your in. Also really great riff to play on guitar, 'cause you just go insane and jump all over the place and get neckache in the morning but it's totally worth it 'cause at least your guitar's not pregnant, unlike how your girlfriend would be if you'd chosen the more boring option the night before.

The lyrics from the song were also taken and used on the band's B-Side Hyper Chondriac Music, the best slow song to have ever existed. It's bloody different musically, but the lyrics are pretty much the same, and it gives a nice different take on the song.
Matt: Hey I think we should play Hyper Music tomorrow guys!
Chris: Yeah! Great idea!
Dom: But your neck'll hurt in the morning Matt so you won't be able to suck my dick as hard.
Matt: True dat.
by Zederic Foxxy February 21, 2010
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