Basicly street slang for pretending, used in place of "playin" or "jokin"
yo momma just fell down the stoop... SYKE !
by Syke June 30, 2003
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A word used to establish that the previous statement was false, usually followed by laughing. This is usually used when the user is unsure weather or not the joke was realised or wants to make it apparent that he or she was using sarcasm.
Dude that's some cool car you have...syke! XD Bahahahaha
by Meister_X April 28, 2010
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a common misspelling of "wordpsyche"
"you're hot... Syke!"
"you moron, it's spelled psyche!"
by Prophet August 21, 2003
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it means, im just playing with ya!!
ello fittie... syke!!
by loodie July 9, 2004
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messen which some one or syke'n someone out pissen dem off
i say i got ur money dem out tha door i say syke
by ER-KA aka playa August 26, 2003
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correctly spelled: psyched

scottie: im so syked on hott betches right now
by Amy Abbott February 10, 2008
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