extreme ownage, more so than pwnage, or even monster face ownage. Can be a noun or verb.
"fizik is the swone" "fizik is the big swoner" "you just got swoned"
by score January 28, 2004
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The combination of "so" and "owned". Absolute destruction of a persons morale is achieved when they are swoned.
Dave, last night you were so swoned when you fell, drunken, into your own vomit filled toilet.
by phyx March 16, 2005
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I fucking swoned that mofo!
by 2xD June 17, 2003
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The past tense of swone. The act of swooping in with a boner and stealing someone's girlfriend. Also used in terms of sex. Swooping in to have intercourse with another before a friend has that chance.
James held Eric's interest in Helen at complete disregard and swoned her.
by jafus January 18, 2006
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A person who beyond all grasp in power and ability.

To own so hard even Jesus envies you.
My god did you see how hard that crackhead got swoned.

"That Swone is fucking badass." Jesus Christ son of God
by Nalgene January 21, 2005
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