To be big, with large muscles.

Usually one gets 'Swole' or 'Swole Up' while in prison because of excessive lifting weights.

In Texas usually pronounced Shwole.
'oooooooooooie that nuckka is SWOLE!!!!!!'
by Dont-Be-Skurrd June 13, 2004
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To be jacked or buff as shit. Having muscle on top of muscle and being big.
Emmanuel: "Aldo your not swole!"

Aldo: "I'm swole! I even look swole in this extra large tee"

Kevin: " Yeah he's swole as shit!"
by Swolebayi November 29, 2010
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Being jacked
Just got back from liftin some weights gettin swole
by Anonymous June 2, 2003
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the fact that you are ripped, cut, buff, and or muscular as shit! hitting the gym hard and every day.
girl 1: omg have you seen Raul!?

girl 2: YES he's so swole! <3
by racer00 July 25, 2011
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Swole: To be swole is to be an alpha. The leader of the pack. Swole is the epitome of being a man. Look no further than (swole-bay) to get yourself SWOLE AF!
Bro, you've been on swole-bay for sure, you're looking JACKED AF
by SwoleBay March 26, 2020
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a word meaning extremley built, buff, and muscular. Mostly used by baseball players or female friends of baseball players.
by itsme234 October 16, 2010
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The body of a sexy, curvaceous and hourglass-figured woman. Resembling that of a pinup, siren or thick broad.
Bobby: " Damn dude, did you see that girl over there? Her body is swole."
Sailor Tom: "Yea bro....her body is stacked. She looks good. "
by HillbillyPanda January 3, 2019
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