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A really hot singer from the States, she looked good in the "everybody's gone to war" video. She seems to sing about real stuff going on in the world.
Nerina pallot is not a new singer.
by Quitelate June 7, 2006
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A person are who enjoys having sexual relations with both sexes. It refers to both having sexual relations and relationships with both sexes.
Girl: Oh i heard you were thinking of hooking up with Anna
boy: yeah shes hot but i was thinking of calling mike
Girl: OH! you swing both ways.
boy: only for fun plus the sex is good.
boy: dave also swings both ways
Girl: no, way
boy: way!
by Quitelate June 8, 2006
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A song by Taking back sunday that you sing to when ever you hear it, or just randomly when your alone.
"know you know, everything (drop everything)
I know you didn't mean it (start it all over)
I know you didn't mean it (remember more then youd like to forget)"

lyrics from "this photograph is proof"
by Quitelate June 6, 2006
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What stupid high school boys in London call themselves, they are under the assumption that they are full grown men and that they actually mean something to the world. When in reality they suck arse.
See vikas
pussy boy: nuff mans want to cut that boi
arse kisser: yeah if you start a fight i will jump in and hold him down
pussy boy: im gonna fuck him up
by Quitelate June 7, 2006
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An audio blog from the kiss 100 breakfast show hosted by bam bam. It is the dairy of an anonymous female Londoner in her late teens - early twenties. The show is transcribed and read through a synthetic voice to hide her identity.
The show has been running for some years but has recently become well known in many countries. Available on itunes.
"Faceless podcast's are updated weekly" well how cums i aint had one for 3 weeks?

by Quitelate April 2, 2006
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A supermarket in Britain, part of the Wal-Mart chain. Quite popular with the moms of chavs and poor people. Most common people who shop there pronounce it "asdis". Despite all of its unattractive associations it is actually one of the best supermarkets, it looks better then a lot of other supermarkets and they have good DVDs. Plus they are the only ones who play music.
Im ashamed to say i like asda and i do shop there. its just all those common mucks bringing it down.
by Quitelate April 2, 2006
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A website by Yahoo. People from all over the world who have an account can ask and answer questions. They can be as ridiculous as "im i pregnant"? or "what language do they speck in china?". It has become quite popular which is probably because they give a points system.
Yahoo! Answers is actually a good site considering the majority of questions asked are pointless. Yes I have an account!
by Quitelate September 7, 2006
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