a word that will become a huge hit in the hipster culture originally created by Sean Reilly in 2010. meaning to be awesome, greatly appreciated, thanks, your welcome, yes, no, maybe, to express emotion.a word that can basically mean anything
Ex 1:

person 1:hey nice leather jacket there!
person 2: sweet beats!
Ex 2:
person 1: hey can i borrow that indefinatly?
person 2: sweet beats thats my grandpas.
by wheres waldo. November 3, 2011
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The warm feeling a competitor has when they've won.
I just sweet beat that really talented player.
by Ereck Flowers May 3, 2019
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Northern Irish term expressing pleasure and/or satisfaction, usually in response to a proposition.
"Here mucker, fancy bouncin' down to Merso's tonight for a few cans?"
"Oi mate, sweet to tha beat."

- - - - -

"Oi mate I bought a new Corsa last week, fancy takin a wee fucken cruise down Bangor the night like?"
"Sweet to the beat mate leek tha fuck."
by R12345 September 16, 2009
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A room or place to masturbate in. A room that someone masturbates or beats off in.

A teenage boys bedroom
Mom "Where's johny it's dinner time?"

Dad "hes probly in his beat sweet rubbing one out"
by Ab2k7 February 16, 2014
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