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A very lovely soul trapped in the body of a girl who is always looking for something sweet to eat and screaming "Battata" whenever she has the chance, she will talk to you about random wise stuff and carry 3 KG of honey for you to another country in case you needed but she might steal your plates.

like a little child she is always bored and she usually starts each voice note with "Hi " ( in a way that's similar to ross's in friends season) and a "OH MY GAUD " will always find a way in her talk, she is the person whom with you would share food posts at 3AM , yet with her you are have a good time, have lots of laughter and whenever she feels offened she will say " OUCH"

She is a perfect person and a bundle of joy whenever she is around.
OUCH this is so Mais
by tsm January 26, 2021
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A high degree of friendship by in which the two people can finish each other sentences and think the same dirty way without even talking characterized by a lot of common sarcastic comments and uncontrollable laughs
This is my Qmashti , Nothing beats that
by tsm October 30, 2022
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A perfect example of how irrelevant talent is to fame these days.
Hawthorne Heights' guitar, bass, and drum playing are so simple that I was able to learn all three of the parts to Ohio is for Lovers after listening to the song three times, and I'm not even that great of a guitar bass or drum player. Plus, their singing and screaming sounds exactly like the fifty thousand other bands that they are similar (or should I say, identical) to.
by tsm June 16, 2006
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Act of telling your friends that you dont want to hang out because you're going to your grandmas house. But your really sitting at home cybering with a 40 year old man named Spike and playing Japanees Video Games.
Sorry Paul I cant hang out, Im goin to my Grandma House.
by tsm April 5, 2005
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Someone who pay extra attention to details , grammar , spelling and rules when it doesn't make any difference.

Best example : Aya Mansour .
She is just like aya , she is very spellomaniac.
by tsm April 17, 2018
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