the fate suffered by females who get a sweaty vagina in anything other than crotchless clothes.
bloke 1; errrrghhhhh, what's that fishy smell?
bloke 2; it's that bird in front i bet she's got a right Sweaty Betty!
by mr pimpernell May 16, 2015
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Derived from the term Betty, which refers to a hot chick. Sweaty Bettys are attractive, stylish, self confident and extremely fit. They are often seen around town either coming from or going to some sort of work out. And, they always look good doing it. A Sweaty Betty is typically a nice-looking, mature woman who is fit and therefore quite the Betty.
I'd like to train with that Sweaty Betty.
Running is more fun with a Sweaty Betty.
by Definition Darla April 16, 2010
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A Fat Girl or Woman. Like you know to do it with her you'd have to role her in flour and look for the wet spot.
Sweaty Betty
She is one Sweaty Betty. I would date her if she was not such a Sweaty Betty:
by B_Rad_N_Green October 19, 2007
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Someone who is very sweaty from being active.
Hey I just ran laps
Ew don’t touch me you’re a sweaty Betty
by bootybop June 23, 2018
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The events that transpire after a very fuckin large Bong rip or other hoot of sorts.

(Usually the type of rips that make you cough for 2 minutes straight, make you feel like you just did p90x, and sweat profusely)
Holy fuck buddy, that rip was a sweaty Betty
by lightning619 April 18, 2020
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Sweaty betty is a beautiful creature shining with sweat.the way the sweat drips down him is so majestic.he usually just wears a towel and lays on his side he is also the father of john boy
by MountainDewDrinker69 January 13, 2023
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extremely ugly and annoying woman that works the bar see also skeezer but not hot
yo terranova fat sweaty betty just grabbed your ass
by miller March 21, 2005
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