A small bar or club, thats always packed(full), where its so humid and hot that you cant even breathe.
I dont wanna go there tonight this place is a fuckin sweat box.
by Johnnay April 24, 2003
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a prison van, which they transport prisoners in.
looking out the tinted window of a sweat box thinking shit penatetionary my next stop.
by danny catherall February 9, 2007
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1.A small Club
2.some where were people dance
"dang that sweat box was bangin' last night"
by Hipityhopitymtea May 24, 2003
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A big smelly rotten vagina caused by a lack of personal hygeine and excessive hair often found on a larger lady
man look at that fat bitch i bet shes got a nasty sweat box.
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Hey baby, why don't ya come to my sweat box so we can get it on?
by hodaddy July 21, 2003
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A large smelly cooter, the person is often named Alexis Nelson. Poor hygiene. She most likely needs to wash her ass if she ever takes her dildo out of it.
Alexis's sweat box was really raunchy today I could smell that shit from a mile away.
by ItsBrittneyBitch21 March 7, 2017
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