An adjective defining something that is cool, or sweet, sick, funky, or awesome.

Philmore: Wow bro! Like the new crib!
Jenkins:Yeah, it's pretty swank.
by SquidWinkle July 17, 2008
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The accumulation of testicular/vaginal sweat and anal residue found anywhere from the lower scrotum/vagina to the taint or "gooch" region.

Of course there is the anglophiliac term "Swank" or "Swanky", spawned in the early 19th century of unknown origin to describe the visually eccentric upper class of the era (i.e. posh/glitzy).
A noble sir would scoff vehemently at such misconceptions.
The Swanky musk of his scrotum entranced her. Her pupils; Dilated, her nipples; stiff, her cheeks; flush. She was ready, ready to engorge herself in the salty vinegar of his testes.

She wasn't BORN with the name Hillary Swank, she earned it.
by Sir Geoffrey of Puddington September 21, 2017
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literally any piece of clothing. LITERALLY. the article of clothing is then identified by descriptive adjectives
Jim: DUDE! Have you seen Kevin?!?
Tod: RIGHT?!? He's rocking that semi-classy head swank~
(In this example, the swank is a fedora)

Bill: Yo! Nice heavy swank~
Alex: Thanks! It's my favorite parka.
by Rejvik November 15, 2017
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A person who is so spicy that no one else can handle it. They will finesse your man/ women in no time. WATCH OUT!
Watch out for that swank! Hold onto your man!
by Swank101 June 02, 2018
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Masturbating in the shower: Shower + wank = swank!

Can have adverse side effects if you don't watch where your load goes...
"Dude, I always start the day with a swank"
"Is that why there's always cum crusties on your leg hairs"
"Worth it"
by Emface April 01, 2009
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