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swagtastic is when you have amazing game (swag,swagger)
Swagtastic derives from the words swagger+fantastic, so literally swagtastic means having fantastic swagger.

swagtastic is used as adjective describing a person and/or his game or ability to get girls
"Yo i can't help it my game is jus naturally swagtastic, my dude"

"Yo he wuz pimpin da other night, his game wuz lookin mad swagtastic"
by ~PrInCe~ December 27, 2007
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Some one with swag so hard that no one can match it!
Phil Mckenzi is so swagtastic no one can match his rubba band chain cuz its off da hook!
by Kiddz Youngin' April 07, 2009
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a term used by gangsters or those who live in the ghetto describing the freshness of a certain person or object.
"Ey yung'n, dose new kicks you got is swagtastic."
"Dat outfit you rockin, is so not swagtastic mang."
by BigPoppa21 February 24, 2010
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better than stylin, steezy, and fly all together
did you see that girl in her retro jordan V's? damn, she's swagtastic.
by misslegit June 04, 2011
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An adjective describing something so swag that it is almost fantastic. Therefore, the combining of the words describes the most possible swagalicious noun.
Boy: Whoa, look at those shoes.
Boy #2: Yeah brah they are swagtastic!!!
by craytaymccraycray August 07, 2011
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