slang for "something"; coined by PuffTheMagicDragon biotch
I have suttin to tell you
by Puffy July 31, 2003
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An annoying phrase used by stupid schmucks who feel the need to interrupt any pleasant silence. Has no real meaning.
Khalid: Cheeky Suttin Suttin
Everyone: Shut up Khalid you stupid schmuck
by L3BananaZ August 15, 2021
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Usually used when you prove someone wrong or embarrass them
Sun rises from the east. Exactly say suttin g!
by Bigzas September 13, 2016
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Adj- an ignorant phrase used to describe something that is normally a big deal or issue but, in complete sarcasm and/or obnoxious clownery, can be classifed as small problem or something you should not be worried about at all. Often times, it is said in situations where a normal human being would be extremely concerned or impressed (depends on the context used), but in the true meaning of the phrase it is solely targeted to be used by ignorant and brainless college students. Usually stated as its abbreviation, JSL.

Antonym: juno suttin heavii
CM: Yo what happened with you last night?
Monahan: Didn't pay for a single drink at the bar, bummed 3 lips and 2 bones no problem, and ended up catchin gums and having a threesome with two smokeshows who, without a doubt, have genital warts..juno suttin lyte
CM: Shmmieeehhhhhhh
by SeeMeanie02 March 7, 2011
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"Suttin" is used by primarily a small portion of the UK teens, it stands for "Something"
Are you mad or suttin?
by SPACE Pop October 24, 2023
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A greeting or a phrase boosting one's ego to show he is doing something of an alpha
Tabz- Ayo is that Johnathan from school taking that gyal around???? Suttin like.

AJ- Yeah think it is you know

Johnathan (heard them) - come on lad yeye dun no

by Chopchop1995boy March 28, 2022
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