An abbreviation of the word "sustainable" used to quickly tag any positive, environmentally-sustainable action, thought or deed (or to dis any stupid, NON-sustainable action thought or deed).
I see that you're now using a two-sided printer; very susty!

Bottled water is NOT susty.

I'm telling you, it's susty to shower with your buddy!

Hey, your driving one fucking block to pick up smokes just ain't susty.
by UVM Elena August 05, 2009
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A combination of the word sus ("suspicious") and crusty. Used to describe things, places, or people that are strange/questionable and disgusting/musty at the same time.
Yo, what's this susty black stuff on the shower tiles?

Omg, Jeremy is so susty! I just saw her pull three old bananas out of her backpack...
by smalltownapple September 08, 2019
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anything negative: dirty, skanky, stinky, shady, and so forth.
Susty does not come from super + nasty.
You need some peanut butter to go with your toe jam, man yo feet are susty.
by ellAyourbella August 09, 2010
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short for the word sustenance, which is nourishment (food).
also 'susted' is the act of eating alot after being very hungry.
Lets go get some sustys! my stomach is stuck to my fuckin spine!!

We bout to go get susted!!
by dirt810 February 10, 2011
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When u feel bless, calm, good, relaxed, blessed
Feeling susti after that munch
by M4k20 February 18, 2018
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the combination of sus and bestie (can also be spelled sustea)
hi sustie
by hanyashasmenes October 07, 2021
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