suppose to be...probably. used by the 20 somethings of the world today, (and those among us that spit chewin tabacca!!)
supposeably the story goes she was going to the store, but ended up at the bar.
by MishBiz February 20, 2008
A gentle and polite way for meaning "i didn't want to", usually used by girls when wanted, asked or expected for something by their boyfriends
"I was supposed to take that picture tonight, but then i had to talk to you all the time"
by me-me July 24, 2004
adverb: capable of being used in the manner of a suppository, i.e. shoved up the butt
I never thought that a microphone was supposable until I went to that Village People concert...
by Schmeckel September 15, 2011
Alternative to "supposedly", used to indicate that something is obviously total bullshit, but the issue is too stupid to argue about.
"John is late for work because supposably his car blew up again this morning."

"Kate showed up to work at noon the day after St. Patrick's Day because supposably her dog turned the stove on and set her house on fire."

"My doctor says I have the flu, but my cousin's girlfriend Moonbeam says my chakras are unbalanced and I need my body energy fields smoothed out by a shaman, supposably."
by MPphoenix March 25, 2013
supposably, the cops think im robin dabank, when i was robbin the bank
by Factsversepresents September 26, 2018
1.)used when someone is talking too much and ur pretending to listen

2.)used when a person is reluctant to say yes as they dont fully appreciate what is being requested
tahsina: toju, would u like to go bowling?
toju: i suppose

toju: i find all these sexual slangs really funny
tahsina: i suppose
by heedlover September 3, 2008
A) someone who due to either laziness or ignorance fails to write properly.

Derived from the misspelling of the word "Supposedly"
This guy supposibly want to eat catch up with his french fly.
by Guy Supposibly April 10, 2014