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1-Japanese term for "pervert". Nowadays, mostly referring to worldwide well-known japanese sexy or porno anime, in which usually big tits and perfectly round ass young girls undergo violent sexual intercourse, also with weird and horrific creatures or devices;
2-Hime-chan's favourite ad totally unjustified way of addressing her sweet boyfriend, when she pretends to be an innocent girl, only because he likes normal intimate stuff like
being naked in the apartment or taking video, watch mirror and sexy talking while making love.
1-Don't play with yourself so much while watching Hentai, you need a real girl
2-"Hime-chan, tell me dirty words while having sex, please..."-"hentai, ne!"-
by me-me July 24, 2004
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A gentle and polite way for meaning "i didn't want to", usually used by girls when wanted, asked or expected for something by their boyfriends
"I was supposed to take that picture tonight, but then i had to talk to you all the time"
by me-me July 24, 2004
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Your word was your bond, but we good ninja. Nah beat yo feet .... kick rocks...
by me-me June 6, 2015
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