No earlier than 9:00am. The act of waking up any earlier is considered a war crime and is against banned by the Geneva convention. Deer like to sleep in as well.
The time Seth is supposed to wake up is 9.
by Skmj1221 November 7, 2020
uh idk you look bored, hbu just go outside and play. didn't yo mum tell ya to do that?
uhhhhhhhh no. IM BORED FUCK OFF what am i supposed to type here?
the assumption by marketeers, many politicians, and other slickee PEOPLE, that EVERYBODY is the "goose that laid the golden egg" !!
two thousand dollars a month for a two-bedroom apt ??...where's all this money supposed to come from ?

i'm already working 12hrs a day, six days a week at slave wages!, where's all this money supposed to come from ?

jim "pumped up" jane ! , he was wondering: where's all this money supposed to come from ? (while trying to get the $250,000 ! needed for age zero~18...)
by michael foolsley July 23, 2022
This comes from Hebrew. It is a proverb that means "Things don't always happen as they are supposed to be".
"Supposed" in Hebrew is "AMUR". this is also a name for the fish "Ctenopharyngodon idella"
- I'll just plug that in, and it's supposed to work when we get there.

- "Supposed" is a name of a fish. (Amur ze shem shel dag)
by Ze'ev Russak July 11, 2008
shit what was this for again my mate over there said this was the place to put it but I don't remember what went here
"Yo jerry like put that on a mug or something"
"oh god oh fuck what was supposed to go here again"
by Perturbator 9700 December 14, 2021
Acceptable word replacement for "Supposedly", as we recently learned from the oxford dictionary.
Supposably the hot sauce was enough for 16 tacos but Adrian used it all on 3 of his.
by Wills McWilly Face March 25, 2021