3 definitions by Unotag

A being which has the ability to assume the exact shape of another life form. Usually tricky little bastards.
Nice try doppleganger!
by Unotag July 23, 2003
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To steal a sexual favor from a second party in a very seductive and forthright manner.
Man... you really absconded that ass last night didn't ya? cmon... dont lie... ooooo ya you did, C'MON be honest, you a ddoooggg, oooo ya, way to GOOOO. W00T, ABCOND THAT BOOOTAY
by Unotag July 23, 2003
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To give one of a wide variety of sexual favors to a second party. Usually the kind that people talk about in awe afterwards.
(1)He was SUPPLYIN' DAT BooooOTAY!
(2) I heard that Eilhsa is a good supplier.
by Unotag July 22, 2003
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