the sexuality of someone who has wet dreams about their cousin
"i'm super straight"

"oh... good for you ig"
by chad 🥶😈 March 7, 2021
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a made up sexuality where people like the opposite sex that doesnt include transgender people
person 1: im super straight, i only like the opposite gender but only if theyre cis
person 2: isnt that just straight with a preference
person 1: NO stop being superphobic
by m0ntana March 7, 2021
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someone who only fucks people with a tail, and cat ears and who walks on all fours and howls at the moon
person A: oh so your super straight? so you like dog cock in ur throat?

person B: oh yeah and I make tiktoks about it too
by pure hate March 11, 2021
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a very feminine gay man who has given over 10 blowjobs in his life time. super straights are very strong allies to the trans community and often has a fetish for furries.
boy: hey i’m super straight 😈
male furry : me too lol
*boy and furry 69*
by froghoes March 5, 2021
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basically when no girl will date you because you’re disgusting
person 1: OMG get a girlfriend if you’re so lonely!
person 2: no, i can’t i’m super straight
by 122104svhj March 9, 2021
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it's a term mostly used by dumb transphobic men, it's not a real sexuality.
fun fact: their flag colors are orange and black the same colors of the grindr app(a dating app for lgbtq+ people)
james🐒: ayo im super straight and proud

ryan: nah you are a social reject who made up your own sexuality becuase you want to be included into something you booty lickin monkey.
by urm0mb1tch March 7, 2021
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a term used by homosexual men in the 1950s to identify each other in public. the term itself meant “so straight to the point that you’re gay”.
Henry: just to be clear, are you straight or “super straight”?

Dylan: super straight.
by flolri March 12, 2021
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