3 definitions by Liesy

Some one who is exactly that a super fan. Mostly a fan of sports teams but any person who is willing to dress not normaly (for sports commonly face painting and body painting) for the sake of the team, book, or movie would be a super fan.
Allie and I always sit in the super fan area with our school colors on and our faces painted.

Let's not sit by the super fans they are so loud during the football game and we can't talk.
by Liesy November 24, 2005
A soccer term for a player who throws themselves on the ground whenever the feel a defender on their back to try and get a foul called. Commonly used practice in the mexican and south american soccer leagues.
Number 14 on that team is such a flopper that was not even a foul.

Rooney showed his wonderful flopper skill against Arsenal last season. The penalty kick was awarded and scored by Van Nistelrooy though it did not decide the game as the end score was 4-2 Manchester United.
by Liesy November 24, 2005
Some one who is obsessed with Harry Potter and the magical world he lives in. Know excessive amounts of information about Harry Potter books and movies.
Did you hear, Allie's such a Potter head she got her name in the paper when Goblet of Fire came out.
by Liesy November 20, 2005