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The equivalent to watching a puppy put into a meat grinder while somebody saws off your penis and or shoves a flaming dildo in your vagina. With its shitty game play, over powered host, many glitches, and inhabited by a swarm of fat 9 year olds who act tough over xbox to make up for their mediocre real lives, the player is guaranteed to feel strong urges of suicide or inflict massive amounts of self mutilation upon ones self.
Epic Games Intercom: Alright guys, so now that we've all joined the Nazi Alliance lets create a game that will rip America apart from the inside.... GEARS OF WAR 2

"After Game Release"

Gamer 1: omg im so happy for this game... (3 hrs later)... MY FUCKIN EYES OMFG AHHH!!!! must... end... it... "gun shot"

9 year old gamer: FuCk U NuBs!!! ChAiNsAw!!! I FuCkEd Ur MoM!!! I LoVe NaZi'S!!! GeT Me MoRe CuRLY FrIeS MoM!!!!
by Enatap Ynohtna February 17, 2010
A name given to those hardcore Twilight Fans who you can find standing outside of a movie theater for 12-24 hours before the release of the new edition to the seris. Some may cover their bodies in gliter and run around in the sunlight screaming for to their true loves which is usually their cats for they are the only ones who stay around them. Will have an unatural obsession with roses, shirtless people, and those who dont bathe for monthes on end. Others will live in the woods and travel around in the dark screaming for a vampire to bite them. All of these poor people need serious help.
Billy: Jill im breaking up with you

Jill: NOOOO!!! WHYY!!!!

Billy: i cant take you always wearing glitter and calling me edward you Twilight Super Fan

Jill: Fine go! you wish you had Edwards hair you ugly shard!

Billy: you are one physcotic bitch!
by Enatap Ynohtna February 21, 2010
The aftermath of a frat party after you took some X and thought you were superman so no mere mortal women could ever conceive you baby.
Trippin Boy: Listen! my sperm is like too powerful for you so like it cant get you like pregnant ya know


(12 months, 2 kids, and 3 heart attacks later)

Not so drunk mom: hey super man wheres my welfare check?

Not so trippy boy: let me just go to krypton and..... PEACE!!
by Enatap Ynohtna February 23, 2010