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The ability to have sex with any woman no matter how ugly, skanky, sweaty, chubby, poor, flat, wrinkled, bitchy, stinky, or hairy.
Did you see that stinky, chubby, skank that Chad hooked up with...he must have super balls
by T-Bone February 14, 2005
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extremly bouncy sphere made of zectron compressed up to 50,000 pounds
i just got hit in the nuts by a super ball
by Joshua Tapp January 11, 2004
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Richard had a foul ball. The doctor removed it and replaced it with a superball. Even his girlfriend can't tell the difference when she gives him a ball hummer.
by kajoe December 06, 2006
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The title given to the person that has fucked the fugliest chick you know (and has been caught).
Man, did you see that huge trogger Simo took home last night?
Yeh, definitely sealing his place as Superballs.
by MBP_DellaZ August 18, 2006
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shaggy 2 dope.....a guy who fucks alot
look up in the sky its a bird its a plane
naw bitch superballs is the name.....
by maniak killette April 02, 2004
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