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The episode of Battle for Dream Island Again that was supposed to come out on September 1, 2013, but got delayed to 2016, being replaced by IDFB, then by Battle for BFDI. BFDIA 6 is practically a meme, now.
P1: Dude, where is BFDIA 6?
P2: BFDIA is cancelled, bro.
by WestbrookAnimations May 02, 2018
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"Oh my pin factory," Used as an OMG by Pin from BFDI.
Pencil: NO! Bleh!
Pin: OMPF! Over-reacting!
by WestbrookAnimations November 28, 2017
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A channel that is supposedly going to pass PewDiePie in subscribers. It won't happen tho, And all of you salty T-Series fans out there better not dislike this.
Man, T-Series? More like T-GAY!
by WestbrookAnimations November 26, 2018
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