Sup app is dope app to say sup to friends and alerts you when friends are nearby www.supmenow.com
I got a Sup as my friend was nearby
by Sup'er Rich September 13, 2016
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A text message you send to someone to let them know you want to talk by phone, but do not want to call the other person without warning, usually because of the time of day and the fear of outright assault by ones wife. Can be used alone as a single word or as part of a compound word with other words added to it, such as supdog, sup-per, sup-foo, etc.

Sup requires either a return phone call or a ready why the other party can't talk at that time. Ignoring a Sup is an indefensible violation of the bro code.
Sup is not used in a sentence.
by Clard August 29, 2017
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The abbreviated woard of 'what's up' which is a cool greeting.
Gangsta wannabee-sup

Proper gangster-the sky
by I-Proper-Gangsta July 28, 2010
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