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A joint combination and slurr of the words so and hungry. Usually used when a person is extreamly blazed, or just keyed as fuck.
Steve: You wanna get something to eat?
Travis: Im sungry lets go to steak n shake and get a double steakburger, hushpuppies, and a milkshake huuuuuuuuhh.
by Once April 27, 2005
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A state of hunger resulting from outdoor exertion.
I was sungry after spending the day on the lake and ate an entire bag of chips.
by llanevad July 03, 2017
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Much like the ever classy 'hangry', sungry is when you are sad and hungry at the same time.
Girl one: Jeremy broke up with me and my dad's an asshole.

Girl two: Sounds like you're sungry. Wanna order pizza?

Girl three: Sounds good to me.
by FireHanyou13 November 06, 2018
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