to be insulted by someone very badly...
Tim felt sulted when he was called a cracker
by JoEy April 3, 2003
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A word meaning slut. Slightly less offensive.
Occurs when someone stupid cannot spell.
"Steph, you're such a slut, S-U-L-T!"
by liciastar June 24, 2005
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She sang with the sult of Cat Power and slinked with the sult of Scarlett Johannson.
by Wordy Wordsley July 10, 2016
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A word meaning slut. Slightly more offensive. Occurs when someone is raging, or just doesn't really give a crap!
by googilieeyes November 21, 2010
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When one is put down to the point of ultimate embarassment/rock bottom feeling. Usually once one gets "sult up," they get very quiet and make no eye contact with anyone.
Grady: "Blake if you don't get back to work I'll put a pop knot on your head big enough to high center a jeep!"
Blake: (while turning around to desk) "SULT"
by Addison Manginamin June 19, 2015
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When Salt calls you ethab, call them Sult. When called sult they melt into a puddle of shit. Sult.
"Hey ethab"

"Shut up sult"

by haha fuck you salt :) May 15, 2018
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An easier way to say the word insulting. Another way of spelling this word is sult'n.
1) You retard stop sulting me.
2) That guy sulted you bad.
by EJ Ficko June 24, 2008
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