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A type of permanent markers.
This brand name, "Sharpie" is used to talk about any type of permanent marker, like how we call all band-aids "Band-Aids", by the brand name, regardless of the actual name of the product.
"Hey, could someone pass me a Sharpie so I can finish my science poster?"
by liciastar June 24, 2005

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A movement of the head; an attempt to get long hair/bangs out of one's face.

This motion is usually performed by emo teens, most often males.
Ivan's hair was so long that he had to do an emo hair flip just so he could see.
by liciastar August 15, 2005

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What happens when people mistakenly press the "o" key for a second time while typing lol.
That's awesome, lolo!
by liciastar October 25, 2004

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A word meaning slut. Slightly less offensive.
Occurs when someone stupid cannot spell.
"Steph, you're such a slut, S-U-L-T!"
by liciastar June 24, 2005

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