Short for suicide, but doesn't only mean taking your own life.
1. killing yourself
2. to break, to stop
3. do badly
1. He pulled a sui last night. Gonna miss him.
2. Sorry, my internet sui'd it for a second.
3. I don't care anymore, I'm just gonna sui the test.
by faking suicide March 26, 2010
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An obnoxious word used by every single middle/primary school kid in the world.
person 1: Yo bro my gf just broke up with me cos she likes another guy 🤘.

person 1’s friends: SUIIIIIII
by victoria’s secret is- April 3, 2022
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noun soo - eee
Garbage, waste, excess, landfill, compost heap
That Kid just pulled a sui and went -1/15.
by kstaaa February 1, 2006
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short for: "Shut Up, You Swine"
O: Go buy me a valanche!
S: SUYS! buy it yourself!
by Monswine April 21, 2011
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Sui is mainly an asian name coming from South Asia. In the language "Sui" comes from, it means a female who is strong, not exactly strong as in tough but strong as in someone who can stand up for themselves, and others. She has natural beauty & is literally drop-dead gorgeous. If u were ever to start a modeling business & you had a friend named Sui, she would totally be perfect. Model material she is. She is honestly so sweet, smart & intelligent ecetra. If you ever stop by a Sui in your life, you are one lucky person.
"Damn, is that sui?!"

"Sure is, no one can ever be as gorgeous as her."
by Ellieoh November 14, 2018
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hey boy, that man over there suys for 1000 birr.
by Dick Hung Lo June 22, 2009
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She’s a beautiful,nice,and a wonderful friend.She can be really shy at first but when you get to k ow her she’s very weird but a good weird.Shes like a Gemini two sided. She can be fun and all but she can get serious most of the time. She can change in years but still acts like herself but people can change how she acts. She can be very sad and depressed so give her time to collect all her feelings.
That is so Sui
by Itszzzzyouandme March 14, 2019
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