Derogatory Seneca Indian term for masturbation. Usually said with the speaker's fore finger and thumb in a "C" shape.
"Skin it, retard" or, "He had to skin it last night, ain't it!"
by Quido August 26, 2007
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similar to the phrase give me some skin

has to be done in doubles-- first person slides his hand on the top of the second person's hand, then vice versa

an expression of approval, or praise, like a high five
Matt: " Hey dude, nice move, you're quite the Chinese checkers player eh?"
Joe: " Yeah, I've been practicing quite a bit lately"

Matt and Joe proceed to skin it with each other
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
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Performing sexual penetration of penis to vagina without a condom. Usually symbolizing more. Reserved and used only with someone special.
Juan was out of condoms so he went skin-to-skin on Kensey.
by ClamFest January 25, 2012
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Any sexual action, bar none. When you're doing something sexual, your skin by definition has to be touching your own skin or someone elses.
Jacking off? Skin on skin
Fucking a chick? Skin on skin
Fucking a diseased monkey up the ass thereby spreading aids from primates to humans? Yes, skin on skin
by TorturedSoul January 2, 2010
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(British slang) Rolling papers, esp. when rolling a joint.
by hux May 23, 2003
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What happens to some people when they get their hair cut by someone does't know how to work clippers.
Person cutting hair(Clippers sound)-ZZZZZZZZZZZPPPP-
Person getting hair cut-WTF!Man,did u just skin me!!!-Holds Head-
Person cutting hair:Man,I just skinned yo a**.
by TheTruthIsMe February 1, 2011
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