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a person that is really sweet
Sally is such a kodi
by Sugar April 28, 2004

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Combination of the words Hazardous and Material
"Laughing gas these hazmats" - Feel Good Inc.

After the chemical spill, they called in the hazmat team.
by Sugar April 18, 2005

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Ignoring someone or something
You hear me talkin' too you...Stop iggin' me.
by sugar April 14, 2003

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Host Mother
1.) A woman who acts as a "host" parent to any type of exchange student that should come into her house.

This phrase MUST be devided into two groups:

Cool Host Mother:

1. A host mother who is patient, kind and helpful, especially with students who do not understand shit about the country's language at the beginning of their stay.

2.A host mother who can have rules that vary slightly from the rules of the actual parents of the student and, depending how awesome she is, may even encourage ideas or certain behaviors that coincide with what the student has been originally raised with by his or her own parents. (In general the student feels more comfortable sharing secrets and some of the naughty things they've done with the host mother. This is due to the fact that real mums tend to freak out more than the host mothers, who temporarily adopt students after they have hit puberty, and didn't know anything about what the student was like as Mummy's little baby, hence eliminating the strong emotion protective parent factor).

3. A host mother who let's the students have as much freedom as is reasonably allowed, and takes the student on trips with her often to see other places in the country (this comes in handy as sometimes exchange students can be stuck in Nowhereville while they're abroad.)

4. A host mother who is very in touch with her inner 20 year old.

Shitty Host Mother:

1. A host mother who is extremely impatient and annoying with the student; expects the host student to pick up a language right away and can never understand why the student does not like having conversations with her; also believes that the solution to the communication problem is repeating herself a thousand times and saying each sentence even louder than the last.

2. A host mother who believes that the time the student spends in her house is just so she can have her own personal little maid/manservant.

3.) A host mother who not only does not allow the student any freedom to go out or to do anything for that matter, but can't be stuffed to take the student out on trips with her.

4. A host mother who probably never even had an inner 20 year old.
-"I have a cool host mother. She took me to Paris for New Years weekend and we stayed up late and drank lots of wine."
-"Oh I did nothing for New Years. My shitty host mother wanted to stay home and said alcohol was forbidden in the house."
by Sugar June 15, 2006

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Slang from sexy. Personally, I like it better.
Ohmigosh, Jesse McCartney is sooo sheckshay!
by Sugar April 19, 2005

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by Sugar February 03, 2003

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