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Defined as the personality transformation you go thru when moving from the hood to the suburbs. Usually a black person who slowly turns into a under cover white person. starts saying things like " oh my gosh" and "like" after every word. Listening to rock alternative music.. playing beer pong and drinking yagermister. start doin and saying crazy things.
Keke: Damn did u just say you cant wait until the new nickelback cd comes out? who the hell is that ?

Miracle: like You dont know who that is ? Oh My God! its like rock n roll sis! duh!

keke: When THe hell you start listening to rock n roll?

Miracle: all my friends at school do....

Keke: poor thing... you are definitly suburbanized ...
by kekeA February 06, 2010
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To let roam with subjectivity or to be homogenized as a collective rest? That is the question! This term I have coined in show of support for Commerce URBAN. In theory URBAN's each and every offered product base availability on its own merit. Although the standard is set mighty low on the "In" side, we do live in a free speech country. Salutes to Urban Dictionary for allowing all to take an at-bat or in some cases, many at-bats. Truth, Humor and Gold are all found by eyes that don't lie. Gravy111
To get Sub-URBAN-Ized is a good thing!
by gravy111 November 21, 2010
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