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1. A condition whereby any metropolitan area has its crime statistics exponentially increased or embellished by a person whose residence has fallen outside said area for at least three-quarters of their life.

2. Rarely visiting a city because of an irrational fear or stubborn ignorance.
After visiting Toronto, Matt felt encouraged and qualified to bash Detroit despite his embarrassing case of suburbanitis.
by Joshua Gillis July 11, 2008
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acute or chronic inflammation of the desire to keep up with the “Joneses”, caused by dual income heterosexual marriages, irrational desires to live in a poorly built and unoriginal home while acquiring as much debt as possible, or exposure to the “real” world including poverty and violence
Since they have been married, Melinda and Edward suffer from such bad suburbanitis; I don't know how they manage to pay their mortgage with their four cars, boat, motorcycle, and constant traveling abroad.
by April 12, 2010
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A Spoiled rich kid who has no life,that makes drama when they get bored because they have nothing better to do are sufferers of Suburbanitis.
The pampered rich bitch had no life, so she started a fight because of something another girl had on myspace for no reason as a cause of Suburbanitis.
by patches o'hoolihan August 02, 2007
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The condition in which one is so bored of their seemingly perfect suburban lifestyle to the point where they feel the need to rebel, do bad in school, etc. to fufil their boredom.
I'm so tired of this boring suburban town.

It sounds like you have suburbanitis.
by Chrys Flowers April 03, 2017
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