1. (n/v) Substitute for any swear word.

2. (verb) Going to note lobsters on runescape.

3. (noun) an idiot
1. Today Rich was acting so immature and so we told him to go eat a stut as we left him to play with his beanie babies.

2. My inventory is full, anyone want to follow for a stut run?

3. The guys were fishing this weekend and Joe brought along his brother-in-law. The guy was such a stut, telling us that we drank too much on the boat. We pushed him off.
by Mr. Stut September 6, 2010
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acting like an asshole
Whoa, did you see how Doug was acting last, night? That was so stut of him.
by Juliana December 17, 2003
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When you stuttered while saying stuttered
Sorry if I stutted 👉👈
by DreamRocket January 12, 2021
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Brian and Donny stayed up for weeks snorting stuts.
by Snickle Frits November 13, 2009
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Noun: A slightly raised part of your flooring you often stub your toe on.

Adjective: Someone you love (Such as a brother or a very close friend.), but can be or is annoying most of the time.
NOUN example: God, I REALLY hate the stut near in front door, I keep hitting me foot on it.

ADJECTIVE example: My brother is a stut, but I still love him.
ADJECTIVE example 2: He often is a stut, but I know he isn't trying to make me mad.
by Derpsion March 21, 2021
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To walk with tight gear
Guy walks by with the new MFG's and some bathing ape sta's....

His friend says man you stutting
by SupaRican274 March 22, 2005
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A combination of the words stud & stunning to describe an attractive person.
That handsome fellow over there is very stutting.
by lexi1394 May 23, 2015
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