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I forgor
I forgor
by Derpsion May 05, 2021

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A phrase, which means "No cap, legit.", "That's/This is true." Or "I'm not lying on that."

(Mainly for Among Us.)
(Setting: In a round of Among Us.)



Person 2: ok then

Person 1: hey i saw Person 3 in nav i can clear him

Person 2: full pencil?

Person 3: yeah he did see me tho

Person 2: ok then i can trust yall
by Derpsion May 04, 2021

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Noun: A slightly raised part of your flooring you often stub your toe on.

Adjective: Someone you love (Such as a brother or a very close friend.), but can be or is annoying most of the time.
NOUN example: God, I REALLY hate the stut near in front door, I keep hitting me foot on it.

ADJECTIVE example: My brother is a stut, but I still love him.
ADJECTIVE example 2: He often is a stut, but I know he isn't trying to make me mad.
by Derpsion March 21, 2021

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The slang for "Probably"

(When using this put a ' at the end.)
EXAMPLE 1: I'm prolly' gonna use that soon.

EXAMPLE 2: He's prolly' going home in a bit.

EXAMPLE 3: Prolly' gonna get that later though.
by Derpsion March 05, 2021

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Noun: A very bad or terrible person in skill at something. (Mainly in a videogame.)

Verb: The action Of hitting someone hard on the back of their head with the palm of your hand.

Adjective: The euphemism of the B-word. (When this is such, capitalize the B so then it's not confused with the noun.)
NOUN example: Man, this bick is so bad at Minecraft.
NOUN example 2: This bick needs some more skill, he keeps losing.

VERB example: He wanted to fight, so I bicked him.
VERB example 2: He was about to bick her, but I stopped him before he did.

ADJECTIVE example: This Bick is selfish.
ADJECTIVE example 2: Can't a Bick have some candy too?
by Derpsion January 30, 2021

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Verb: The action of someone being defeated, killed or eliminated in a humiliating or funny way.

Adjective: The word you use after making many typos or errors in texting for when you dont feel like correcting it.

Adjective 2: The word you use after you or someone else spam or make a chain in a chatroom when it was funny and/or random.
VERB example: Man, that dude got so kuct.

ADJECTIVE example: Bruh tjis is so funy lol. Dang it kuct.

ADJECTIVE 2 example:

Person 1: bruh moment

Person 2: bruh moment

Person 3: bruh moment (And so on.)
You or someone else:} kuct lol
by Derpsion January 25, 2021

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