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Slang for "Crisp" , meaning "perfect", or "ideal".
"Dude, that jacket looks kriss"
"Your PC setup is kriss!"
"That chick was kriss, man"
"Kriss cars are hard to find secondhand"
by voiceinsideyou June 06, 2003
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Sexy hockey player whom likes pussy from sexy hoes, especially from Deen.
Deen- Yo I love kriss!
by Thizino June 13, 2018
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A Kris is a person that will be a great friend to anyone. A Kris is a kind and cute person that will stick with you always and be there for you. Everyone should have a Kris
by Abrar the kaze January 08, 2019
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a Karissa who raps awesomely and this is her rapper name
Karissa a.k.a K-Riss got our song done by laying down some amazing poetic lyrics to rap.
by Thee Awesome girl May 13, 2009
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