A city full of crackheads and people who talk too much shit.
-"Did you go to Geelong?"

-"Couldn't wait to get out of there.."
by Lucifer is my bitch April 12, 2021
A town in Victoria, Australia which is often subjected to prejudice from cretins who shat themselves when they entered Norlane, ran off, and thus formed their half-arsed opinions based on those experiences.

Contrary to somewhat popular belief, the town is not filled with racist right-wing hicks. If it was, then Melbourne would be the Nashville of Australia.

Of course, like every town, it has it's bad eggs. According to the Victoria Police Crime Statistics, Aug 2008, more than half of the municipalities in Victoria half a worse assault rate per 100,000 people per year than Geelong. For example, Geelong's rate is 559 assaults per year per 100,000 people. The Melbourne CBD rate is 2628.7.

Part of the reason that Geelong's "ghetto lifestyle" has been publicized is because of the Geelong Advertizer in association with The Herald Sun, both News Corp. owned, know that fear and social prejudice sell. Unfortunately, some people are still blinded to Murdoch's tricks.

The real problem with Geelong is (to paraphrase The Clash) are the bourgeois cunts (yes, not every in Geelong is working class, not that that's something shameful) who, instead of feeling bad and trying to help the disadvantaged in the town, make fun. That and the tossers who live in Geelong who call the town a shit hole, then vandalize it beyond recognition. The same can be said for many towns, mind you.

All in all, Geelong is a decent town to live in, one that is constantly expanding and welcomes it. However, it could do with a half decent Mayor for once. 11 Mayor's in 10 years, and we're still stuck with image-centric ideals that never work out.
Bellend - lolz, fuck Geelong, it's full of intolerant wankers.

Un-stereotypical, typical Geelong person - Oh the irony!
by I Hart Joe August 29, 2008
A small town in Victoria known for an Australian Rules Football Club whose moniker arose from a black cat that apparently brought the team some luck in the 1920's.

The town is also famous for its 'bogans', though these populate the towns north - an area closest to the Bogan Capital of Melbourne. The central suburbs of Geelong are highly affluent and characterised by families who send their children to over-priced schools such as Geelong Grammar and Geelong College. Everyone one else in Geelong is Catholic; their children attending single-sex schools such as St Joseph's and St Mary's.

The town is considered a 'great place to bring up children'. This is another way of saying that parents in the town feel they don't have to worry too much about their children in such a 'safe town'. This wonderful myth and parental apathy extends into the child's adolescence, where the 'youth' of Geelong are free to run wild and experiment heavily. Interesting sub-cultures are often created in the process, before the late-adolescent Geelong person is old enough to leave the town (usually as soon as possible) for a real city.

Those who escape the town usually have a wonderful sense of humour, become incredibly successful, and feel a continuing sense of empathy toward black cats and the Geelong Football Club. They also become over-protective parents.
Various Australian Prime Ministers, Various Geelong Australian Musicians, Various Australian Artists, MANY Australian Geelong Footballers.
by Jimmyjimmyjimmy May 28, 2012
Geelong, the second most large city behind victoria's Capital 'Melbourne, it is known for its Ghanda trackpants epidemic its football club and its Ford cart plant which has recently sacked half its staff AKA half of geelong and its beach 'eastern beach/promenade' basically the beach all the tourists love to swim at and all the locals arent dumb enough to swim therew when theres actualy Clean beaches another 20 minutes down the coast.
Known to some as the 'small smoke' or just a 'hole' although its not so much the city centre itself that is being reffered to with the 'whole term' its aimed at such outer regions as corio lara norlane and the like.
Geelong after dark is famous for its alive and well club scene, with a total of about 10 good watering holes its no surprise the best thing to go on the town for is the stabbings and rapings. and if you did miss them they'll be on today tonight the next day.
"hey im sam i live in geelong"
"ohhh your from geelong...."

*crickets sound*

*tumblewweed passes*

"nah man good for you i understand now."
by kevin rudd September 29, 2007
A small city about 45 minutes from Melbourne. Mainly made up of suburbs populated by unsophisticated and intolerant white people (see hicks). The waterfront has some nice restaurants but other than that it's boring. The younger population are especially unintelligent compared to other cities - they all dress, talk, and act in the same retarded manner. Overall Geelong is nothing special. People who actually like this city probably don't know any better.
"Lets not go to Geelong."

Geelong local: Yerrr Geelong is fully sick mate!!
Everyone else: No, it really isn't.
by anonymous_x April 3, 2008
a small town about an hours drive from melbourne. it is a hole.
the geelong locals are either crazy or trying to get out of the place.
geelong is mainly known for its dodgey football team, the cats.
guy; hey, whats that place?
girl; keep driving, its a hole.
guy; oh, i dnt wnt 2 live in a hole.

*drives past sign saying "geelong"*
by Rochelle :) April 15, 2008
A city that really isn't a city. Capital of closing down shops that never close Georges Rug Clearance store, Ryrie Street There's the one cbd area smack bang in the centre with an aged foreshore. Anything outside this area is kinda pointless for tourists unless your going down the coast (great ocean road/otway). The city has cleaned its name since it's emo days during the lates 00's but the southern and western suburbs treat the north and eastern suburbs like shit. No we are not a part of Melbourne and our footy team is different, whereas say, collingwood or any melbourne suburb afl team would have there main supporters in the one suburb, Geelong has an entire city of supporters. Traffic is just as bad as Melbourne for a fraction of the residents. Stay away from Solar Drive, Plume street and that seven-eleven store in town.
Geelong is Melbournes bitch.
by Geelong Human April 11, 2018