According. too taco if your white and you get offended by the word nigga you a stupid nigga
Black guy 1 : what up my nigga

Black guy 2 : nm my nigga chillin

White bitch : can u please not say that your offending me .
black guy 1&2: You a stupid nigga
by the chesticals69 October 2, 2013
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The ultimate insult used to hit all 3 boxes that need to be checked when constructing your Hail Mary of an insult. It has the intelligence insulting defined by stupid which is guaranteed to piss off your target, as well as having the nigga (not racially) which lets the target know that they are an inferior specimen compared to your self. The cherry on top being the bruh which really hits home and lets the target know that what they have just said is truly incomprehensible. Additionally, it can be repeated a total number of two times for maximum pain infliction.
Target: "Oh my god I hate Pewdiepie and his stupid battle against T-series"
Me: "Shut up stupid nigga bruh stupid nigga bruh"
by GermanDemocraticRepublic February 27, 2019
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the disease a stupid nigga has, symptoms as followed: using the word "I" more than needed, using periods when its not even a fucking sentence. And last but not least saying youre depressed or youre going to do stuff that has to do with drugs to help your "depression"
stupid nigga syndrome:
"yo that fucking attention whore over there probably has SNS."

by c0p December 11, 2018
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A gay stupid nigga is when a black person does some gay ass shit, and doesn’t say no homo, fucking homo
Black guy - gimmie a kiss. Me / oh you gay stupid nigga
by Paul Hatala May 4, 2019
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Something that seems illogical to a normal person but totally acceptable for someone lacking common sense.
by December 25, 2021
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