when someone is being stupid and an idiot AND a jerk at the same time
jeez! Ali is a being such a stupid idiot jerk rite now!!!
by Harlishka May 26, 2006
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someone thats such a **** that they are a stupid idiot mixed with a moron that they need to die
*this guy getting killed in fortnite so he calls the guy who killed him a stupid idiotic moron*
by the meme that eats poop September 24, 2020
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People who think selling your panties online makes you a whore, slut, or otherwise promiscuous. Also see Dummy No-Fun Stick in the mud
"She sells her used panties online, what a whore"
"Nah you're just a Big Stupid Idiot"
by Pantyseller39 September 28, 2018
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This word is used to describe person who is smelly,stupid, and idiotic. Also,it is used to describe every single dog in the universe. It also depends on how you use the word. If you call a person that, they will probably kill you. But if you call an object this word, they will come alive and beat you until you say cats are awesome and I like chicken. One more thing. Thank you.

Man! Did you see that dog walking down that street! It's such a smelly stupid idiot right? It's so bad I can't even breath ugh!!!! Oh no. Now I'm dead. Thanks a lot dog!
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Very Bad At the game and mental and lost many games
stupid idiot Gamer Loser means That The Game the guy is playing is very mental and bad at the game and loser means that they lost many games
by Stupid idiot Gamer loser June 2, 2021
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People who tend to use Urban Dictionary to amuse themselves (and only themselves) by making up defenitions for people they hate.
"Hahaha, I am totally burning him by putting his name in this!"
by The Lost Skeleton January 10, 2005
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