The official ship name of the characters Kappa and Siren from the web comic "Castle Swimmer" created by Wendy Lian Martin on Webtoon.
Person A: "Is the ship name of Kappa and Siren 'Kapprisen' or 'Karen'?
Person B: "Actually, Wendy said the official ship name was 'Stupid Fish Idiots'
by frogfish2.0 October 2, 2022
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Luke Comino - someone who pretends to ride bmx and be a badass gangsta
by Pope Don Paul II March 2, 2003
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a simpler way of telling the person that she is a Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid person that probably looks at a frog and fucking bites it thinking it's a hamburger before even thinking that it might be very dangerous to eat a "hamburger" that was stuck in a fucking tree IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FOREST.
You goddamn piece of shit
Robert: ayooo just found chocolate icecream in the floor of your dog's little house, let't eat it
William: what the fuck Robert, you Stupid Fucking Idiot. that's shit, that's dog shit, how idiot can you fucking be you piece of shit, why would a chocolate icecream be lying on the floor of my dog's house you Neanderthal
Robert: eating the shit so it's not ice cream?
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an idiot stupid furry are people who dress up as animals and role-plays them and pretend to talk like them if you are furry then stop it because it’s just weird
A fucking idiot stupid furry go to role-playing conventions.
by Urbunking August 12, 2022
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