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Aboriginal slang for 'friend'
Boy says to his friend: "Whats up my joog?"
by Marion April 25, 2005
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fo' shizzle my nizzle was origianally pattented by Martha Stewart, a white woman, and not a black man. While basking in the wonderfully spagetti she had just had, which contained home-grown mushrooms, she happened to decide to work in the garden. She needed her "shizzle" or aka "shovel" to work with her "nizzle" aka "nutmeg".
Martha: Fo' shizzle my nizzle. (i need the shovel for my nutmeg)
by Marion June 2, 2003
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Male ejaculation in pornographic film demonstrating orgasm.
John pulled out and did his money shot on Mary's pubes.
by Marion April 13, 2003
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A mix of "stupendous" and "terrific".
I had a stupendic time at the fair last night.
by Marion December 28, 2004
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