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A motorcycle styled to look like the classic Indian motorcycles, but made from Harley-Davidson clone parts, or by another motorcycle company (i.e. Kawasaki).
That Pretendian may look like an old Indian, but it's really a Harley clone beneath the sheet metal.
by Baygul February 4, 2011
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A sock full of shit with a hole in the toe, i.e. anything that spews crap.
The most dangerous place to be is between Chuck Schumer and a microphone, he is such a blivet!
by Baygul April 14, 2011
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A motorcycle rider who may or may not be able to do stunts on his bike, but lacks the judgement of when and where to do them.
That stunta did a nice stoppie, but in front of the Police Station? What a squid.
by Baygul February 4, 2011
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