from the Sopranos series, meant to reproduce the sound of "stu cazz" from the Naples dialect when read out loud, originally from the Italian " 'sto cazzo" (short for "questo cazzo").

Literally "this dick", this term has no relations with other body parts such as balls or anything else "cazzo" only means "dick". Seriously I'm from Italy, born here, the other definitions are pretty dumb.

It's used in Italy mostly as a dumb joke when one asks a question that implies the other person to ask another one then he replies " 'sto cazzo" to mock the guy.
It's also used as a reply to dumb questions especially when the answer is obvious.
Marco: Hey dude, guess who told me to say hi to you?
Paolo: who?
Marco: Sto cazzo !! (stugots!!) <<meaning "nobody" in this particular case>>

Marco e Chiara live together:
Chiara: Do you know who ate my cookies?
Marco: Sto cazzo! <<dumb question, they are the only 2 people living the house, meaning "who the fuck you think it would be other than me, this dick?!" in this particular case>>
by quaggacronz October 18, 2015
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Made popular by the HBO Series "The Sopranos", stugots is from "(qu)esto cozzo" in Italian, meaning "this cock" or "this dick". Often used in reference to someone being an asshole.
Vito was forty minutes late to our meeting... stugots.
by Johnny Smoke March 28, 2005
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Stugots: from stu cazzo or u' cazzu, the testicles. Tony Soprano's boat is The Stugots.
You got some stugots talkin' to me like that!
by B1GRich March 15, 2006
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Stugots is Sicilian dialect slang for "questo cazzo" or "this dick"... It is used in reference to someone who's got nothing. Literally, "their dick in their hand".
"He thinks he can pin that on me? Guy's got stugots."
by rubyinparadise October 2, 2020
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A term used to bascially to say you cocksucker, or a vulgar term along those lines. Said many times by my uncle when pissed off
Stugots (as he slams his hand on the table)

That fucking stugots stole all my money!

Whack that stugots
also on the boat of the sopranos, meaning this cock
by lala loo July 6, 2006
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