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A city in Indiana, about sixty miles south of Indy, that is home to the last remaining population of liberals in the entire state, and also home to Indiana University. A fairly nice, clean town that seems contradictory to Gary and Indianapolils.

Unfortunatly, while a great place for liberals, Bloomington does have it's flaws. Gasoline here is an average of ten cents higher than the entire midwestern united states. I once drove from Bloomington to Denver and didn't see gas any more expensive than in Bloomington.

Also, due to the large population of collage students, traffic is a nightmare during the school year, and it's always better to drive around the south side of town than to cut through campus. In the summer, the students leave, traffic subsides, and the residents timidly emerge from the shelter of their houses and go back to their lives.

Unfortunatly, without collage students to worry about, the police department can focus all of their energy on going after residents, so don't expect to get away with anything while the students are gone.

Overall, I reccomend it if you already live in Indiana and want to get the fuck out of some shithole like Gary, but don't move here from any other state.
Resident 1: Dude, we should totally buy some health food and go smoke weed in the back of our VW Bus.

Resident 2: Dude, totally.

Resident 1: Totally, Bloomington is so groovy.
by Ark_gamer April 28, 2006

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Zombies attacked my house, and STUD killed them all
by Ark_gamer April 29, 2006

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