A exceptional person of Norwegian American descent, that likely grew up in the northern part of the United States (particularly the Dakotas or Washington).

A Stubb generally has an infectious sense of humor and is blessed with natural intelligence, to counteract their often oddly shaped bodies.
With that personality that the general disregard for the temperature, I'm guessing he must be a Stubb.
by Stumanji March 19, 2009
a gay man from denmark. he has comitted multiple war crimes.
omg guys, stubbe just had sex with eric
by colafarfantamor November 9, 2022
a seemingly innocent whore
rob: has emily ever been caught?
will: of course not, she's stubbs
by da sailor boi November 12, 2007
Stubbe means cut tree in swedish, and these cut trees is always blamed for stuff.
"I hate all this war and shit in the world, but i guess we can blame stubbe"
by Arla December 4, 2003
stubbs means when someone is short, stubbs and stubbie r the same.
“she’s so short omg” “yea she’s so stubbs”
by iasbllee September 24, 2019
Adj. Like a grateful dead bear

V. to get naked in an effort to be free, often inspired by sts9

V. To give naked hugs in an effort to spread the love of sts9
1) Oh, your dancin' like a stubbs!
2) Peoples makes me want to stubbs!
3) Let's go puddle jumpin' and stubbsing!
by sunshinemoondream February 2, 2009