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Also known as HIIK.
A common answer to every question, meaning that you don't have any fucking idea.
- Who's that girl ?
- Hell if I know !
by B.P.O. February 06, 2009

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A room where artists work, write, record songs and get high.
I'm back in the stu bitch! - XV
by B.P.O. September 05, 2011

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MellowHype is a hip hop duo from LA, California, that consists of OFWGKTA members Hodgy Beats (vocals) and Left Brain (production, backing vocals).
by B.P.O. October 17, 2011

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What dubstep basses sound like.
Not techno or Homer Simpson as some guys said on here.

Can sometimes be the answer to questions related to going out - or your relatives.
- How was last nite??
- wob wob wob!

- Shall we have a night out?
- wob wob wob!

- Your mum's filthy.
- wob wob wob.
by B.P.O. November 08, 2010

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Left Brain is a member from the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA).
He is the producer and backing vocalist of MellowHype, a duo he forms with rapper Hodgy Beats.
"Left Brain is the maddest cunt in OF!"
by B.P.O. October 18, 2011

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This guy was made famous around the web after he got pictured looking literally like a thumb.
This is actually amazing, just google image it.
Used sometimes when one of your friend looks like him on a picture, or to describe any fat bold guy.
Never heard of the human thumb? Check him out, this guy's awesome.
Haha you look like the human thumb on this picture!
by B.P.O. March 27, 2011

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Type of jewelry worn in stretched earlobe piercings. Also known as tunnels and commonly written "gauges" although this spelling is incorrect.
- How wide are your guages?
- 8mm.
- You pussy.
by B.P.O. March 29, 2011

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